Serliae Johnson, a 9th grade internal boarding school student at Mission Liberia Inc, has been trusted with the responsibilities of school librarian–a student leadership position. A small room of donated books at the mission can now be used by the internal students on a more regular basis. The plan is for her to open the library three times a week regularly. Access to and care of books suits her because Serliae is an aspiring writer. She has painstakingly written notebooks of hand-written short stories about Liberia. Unfortunately, she lost her main spiral notebook recently which almost made her want to give up writing because it broke her heart to lose all that work. I reminded her that she does have a copy of her stories: in her heart and mind, and that they needed to be re-worked anyway. She’s now learning how to type using the computer so she can save her story ideas to a hard drive as well as edit & print them. Donated childrens and young adult books in good condition, especially children’s classics and books about Africa or by African authors are always welcome and needed–Mario Ruiz, short-term volunteer

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