6th grade internal boarding school student John Monroe has expressed his passion for photography by beginning a Photography Club at “St. Anthony of Padua” primary school at Liberia Mission. The announcement was made to the student body yesterday. John’s interest in photography grew last year when he began to have access to donated digital cameras and training. This year, several other students have expressed interest in photography and have been joining John (and me) in photographic workshops on campus. The club was solely his idea, and his creation of the club shows initiative and student leadership. John’s dream is to become a great photographer, and to earn extra income by shooting weddings in Liberia. He says not many people here are good with digital camera technology, so he would have an edge. The club currently has about 10 or more members, but only two small cameras to work with. Donations of good, working digital cameras would be extremely valuable to the club. Any digital camera would be helpful, but cameras by Canon, Sony and Nikon would be preferred, along with SDHC memory cards (2GB or larger).–Mario Ruiz, short-term volunteer

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