“Come on ring the bell, light a Christmas tree, Jesus is the king born for you and me. Come on ring the bell, everybody sing! Jesus we remember it’s your birthday.”This Christmas song was heard loud and clear at St. Bahkita Girls Dorm starting December 1st. This was just the start of a busy end to 2011 for the youth and staff of Liberia Mission.

The celebration of the closing of school, the 18th of December 2011, was one of the happiest days for the kids of LMI. It was a special day and they had many happy moments throughout. The program was organized by some of our kids, myself as the Residential Program Coordinator, and other LMI staff.

The day began with the preparation of food by the housemothers and a few other girls. We started early in the morning, making jollof rice and cake. We would also have soft drinks and candies for the celebration, and enjoy one of the pigs from our farm. Preparing the food was followed by the celebration of our Sunday community Mass.

The party began in the afternoon with lots of merry-making. Parents and guardians were invited to join with their children. All the children received gifts from the Liberia Mission family and even some sponsors from the United States who had sent gifts for their sponsor kids. It is good to know that the kids expressed that the day was great and would never forget this school closing Christmas party. This celebration is our biggest Christmas celebration because we have the whole community together – school and residential children and youth, staff, parents and community members. We also celebrate on Christmas Day with those children who are unable to go home during the school’s break.

On Christmas Day, we had a wonderful party! We welcomed friends from Teach Peace’s Special Ambassador Program to join us for Mass, lunch and celebrations. We had a special meal with fried chicken, salad, checkrice and gravy followed by ice cream, candy, biscuits and chocolates. A real treat for all on this Joyous occassion.

“Come on ring the bell, light a Christmas tree, Jesus is the King born for you and me. Come on ring the bell, everybody sing! Jesus we remember it’s your birthday. Everybody likes to take a holiday, everybody likes to take a rest. Spending time together with the family, sharing lots of love and happiness!” This last verse rang loud and clear during our celebration, as sharing in love and happiness was happening at LMI the whole Christmas Season!

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