ImageThe Student Work Program was in full force this past week as planting season has begun.  The students planted a test plot of corn, utilizing organic and sustainable farming practices.  Below is a description of each step of the process.

1.  The planting rows are laid-out with string.

2.  The rows are dug out by hand-hoes in a low/no tilling process to reduce erosion.  (Stamford Tabolo whistles while he works).

3.  Wider view of the plot and our tillers are work.  They are also laying the natural fertilizer.

4.  Aaron JayJay plants the corn seeds.

5.  Closeup of the low/no tilling row.

6.  Closeup of the post-seeded area.  The dark matter is compost.  After the corn sprouts a few inches, all of the vegetation that was cleared will be brought back to help the soil retain water during the dry season.

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