Mr. Chameleon’s Fine Coats

Once upon a time, in a deep forest lived all the animals, including Chameleon and Spider.  Mr. Spider was a very rich and wealthy man who has lots of food and money, but Mr. Chameleon, was a very poor man who had nothing of his own.  So one day, famine took over the forest.  Mr. Chameleon had nothing to eat, so he decided to ask Mr. Spider for something to eat.

To Mr. Spider, he said, “I want you to please help me with something to eat and I will pay you on the last day of the week.”  Mr. Spider agreed and gave hime some food to eat.  On the last day of the week, Mr. Spider went to Chameleon’s house for his things, and Mr. Chameleon had nothing to give him.  So he took the case to the court house.  The Chief Justice which was Mr. Elephant said that they should come back on Thursday because it wasSunday and the court was closed.  So that evening, Mr. Chameleon decided to get some leaves and made it into a coat sot that he would be able to wear it on Thursday.  He caught some flies and added it to his coat.  On Thursday, when spider saw the coat on Chameleon.  He was so interested in the coat that he forgave Chameleon.  So when they went home, Spider went to Chameleon and said that he would love to have Chameleon’s coat and Chameleon said yes.  He added, “Before I give you my coat, I want you to fill up my storeroom with food for me.”

Chameleon’s store room was a small tunnel with a very large room.  Spider said, “No problem.”  That evening Spider ordered his guys to fill up Chameleon’s store room with food.  They kept hauling food until the night, but the room was not full.  They continued hauling for one week and finally the room was filled.  And when Spider went for the coat, all the leaves were dried.  As soon as spider put on the coat, the leaves began to fly off the coat.  Spider ordered the insects to kill Chameleon, but all the insects had been collected and eaten by Mr. Chameleon’s long tongue. To this day, Spider is still seeking revenge.

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