With the weekend yard work completed the day before and steaming oats filling our stomachs, a motley crew of three volunteers, a spiritual director, and ten kids set out early Saturday morning for a spiritual adventure. Mary Ann and Emmanuel went with the kids to the Missionaries of Charity in downtown Monrovia where they read books to the thirty or so young children, comforted quite a few crying babies, and assisted in making some hot meals for men and women with HIV and TB. As volunteers in our Soldiers for Christ Youth Group, they definitely discovered what serving God was all about. They even got a quick dip in the ocean! Meanwhile, after dropping them off, Betty and Megan were blessed to be able to attend a mass in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Catholic Hospital with the President in Attendance. Although they were hoping for a selfie with the Head of State, they were bless to be able to sit through such a beautiful service after having to change a flat tire on the highway minutes before the President’s arrival. There was lots of sweat and a little anxiety over that blown tire, but the excitement and blessings of the day outweigh any negative. It was a great little adventure all around and definitely a great example of what we came here to do.

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