by Megan McNulty
Liberia has a lot of holidays… from Presidents’s birthdays to end of month days of relaxation they grab every opportunity to take a little break. And they need it; life is definitely not a piece of cake here, but it is sometimes easy for our kids to just celebrate the day off and forget about the meanings. But last Wednesday was Decoration Day which is when families and friends recall the loved ones that have passed away by visiting their graves. Every single child on the mission has had someone close to them pass away but they do not get the chance to decorate their grave sites. But a small group of us were able to pick some flowers around our campus, grabbing a plastic bottle for a vase and a few vines to make a wreath, and walked to the grave of our former cook, Ma Ya, in order to pray over and decorate her grave. A sizzling day of 95 degrees, potentially the perfect day to sit back and be lazy, turned into the perfect opportunity to share some love with our community. Our kids were able to participate in the national day of remembrance and prayer, and seeing them place bouquets of flowers made with own hands on a grave was a beautiful sight to behold. It’s days like that, in the midst of a hard semester and our normal daily struggles, that make us all step back and thank God for the people and experiences that have been placed before us.

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