Last Sunday, while most of us were resting, Mary Kathryn McDevitt was biking more than two marathons and praying each mile for the children of Liberia Mission and in memory of Mary Ann O’Driscoll, the Mission Director who passed away July 15th.MK McDevitt at finish line

This Rosary Ride began as a joint effort between Mary Kathryn and her father Joe Sehnert, former Mission Director 2012-2015. The two of them trained to bike a 53-mile trek of the Katy Trail in Missouri, praying 53 Hail Mary’s, the number of Hail Mary’s said in a rosary.  Their goal was to motivate others to support their rosary ride by making a donation toward Liberia Mission’s Summer Work Program in which students gain leadership, life skills, and on-the-job training in professions like construction.

The Summer Work Program was also our beloved Mary Ann’s positive response to the Liberian Government’s sudden cancelation of schools in early June.  Originally, St. Anthony’s was scheduled to continue school from February to November 2015 to make up for time lost during the Ebola crisis. So, when the government called off school again, Mary Ann focused on planning a Summer Work Program.  This was quite the challenge since no funds had been collected to administer such a robust program.

When Joe Sehnert heard the tragic news of Mary Ann’s death, it took him just minutes to decide to return to Liberia Mission, to help the students mourn their loss and to pave the way for the Summer Work Program.  He landed in Liberia two days later.

Together in Spirit, Joe and his daughter fulfilled their commitment to support the children of Liberia Mission in their Summer Work Program – Mary Kathryn pedaling 53 miles in Missouri, Joe working alongside our students in Liberia, both of them courageously answering “YES” to God’s call to serve.

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