According to her native language, “Serliea” means “good things are 2Serliea Johnson (480x640)-webahead.” And for Serliea Johnson, this couldn’t be more true.

A new student at the University of Liberia, Serliea is pursuing her dreams of a post-secondary education, and she is increasing her job opportunities by doing so.  How did she get this far, you may ask?  Hope, determination, and a few generous people.

Serliea began her education as a young, ambitious child at Liberia Mission in 2004 just after her village was brutally burned during the country’s civil war.  Serliea lost both parents during the attack, but she survived because her father took her to a pre-planned hiding place just in time.


Despite her tragic losses, Serliea made faith and education her guiding lights during a time of darkness.  Serliea’s uncle brought her to the founders of Liberia Mission 12 years ago, and she has triumphed ever since.  She has excelled in school, graduated, held a job on the Mission, and has recently been accepted into college.  Her strength of spirit can be felt by all her meet her and has also made her a big sister and even mother figure to the younger girls now entering the Mission.

Serliea’s success was made possible by a few people who said “yes” to sponsoring her k-12 education.  Without the help of sponsors, Serliea would not have had the opportunity for education nor the gift of a life furnished with basic needs – food, shelter, clean water, and a community of love. 

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors over the last decade, Serliae is now a living testament to the name her parents gave her.  Surely, “good things are ahead” – for Serliae and the children of Liberia Mission – but only with your help!

Change a life, transform a soul.  Sponsor a child like Serliea today.

Watch a video about Serliea and other women of Liberia Mission here!

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