“Praised be Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, His Mother. Come to prayer, brothers and sisters; come and praise the Lord!” A loud booming voice awakens the children of Liberia Mission every morning.

The voice belongs to Flomo Kerkulah, a former student of Liberia Mission, who also served as housefather at the Mission while awaiting acceptance to the University of Liberia.  This wake up call is how Flomo began each day at 4:50 am, summoning the younger students to morning worship.Flomo K at graduation with Joe

“Deep faith and high intellect” are just two of Flomo’s remarkable traits, according to Joe Sehnert, Liberia Mission director 2012- 2015.  Flomo graduated St. Kizito High School as the head of his class in physics.  He also received the highest grades of any of our Liberia Mission residents who attended St. Kizito.  Now, Flomo attends the University of Liberia along with just a few of our alumni.

Aside from his academic leadership, Flomo also embodies the Mission’s motto – God, Education, Work – as a lector at mass on Sundays and at times, as a lead purchaser of food in the market place.  Because of his character and smarts, Flomo was put in charge of negotiating the Misson’s needed items like bitterball, cassava, water greens, potatoes greens, fruits and vegetables.

It is hard to believe that the story of such an accomplished young leader began as a premature infant born in the midst of war and crisis.

Flomo is from a town called Ganglota, one of the towns in Lofa County where mass killings took place during the Liberian civil war.  One day, when Flomo’s mother and father came home from fishing, they were captured by 15 armed men from a rebel group who badly mistreated them for two weeks.  Flomo’s mother was pregnant with Flomo at the time.  She and six other women escaped to the border of Guinea, where she was taken to a hospital and gave birth to Flomo two months early.

Years later, Flomo was accepted into Liberia Mission, where he has grown exponentially in faith, knowledge, and leadership.  Such growth has only been made possible by Flomo’s loving sponsors, whose monetary donations over the years have provided Flomo’s basic needs, his education, and his opportunity to belong to a loving community of work and prayer at Liberia Mission.

Let us apply Flomo’s story of might to our own lives these last few weeks of Lent as we battle our own weaknesses.  Furthermore, let us remember Flomo’s sponsors as we consider the call to sponsor a child at Liberia Mission.

Your “yes” can help write the life-story of a child like Flomo, from one of poverty and doubt, to one of opportunity and faith.  Don’t wait.  Sponsor a child today.

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