The following is a reflection from volunteer Lindsay Hayes, who spent 6 weeks at Liberia Mission a few years ago.

At Liberia Mission, Inc., one awakes to a different type of alarm – the rooster’s perpetual crow, children’s feet shuffling as they finish morning chores, clapping and singing as they gather for morning prayer, a slow Rooster at LMIand steady “Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Aaaaa-men” before blessing their breakfast.

One morning, dawn greeted me with a different voice.  Mowholo, our driver at the time, did not know I listening as he hummed a familiar tune.  Sitting on the porch of the staff house, God’s music rang through my ears.  “Amaaaze – ee-ing Graaace….” the voice started low and rich.

A light rain patted the zinc roofs of the houses that enclose our square where the water well sits next to the only tree in the center of the small compound.  The school kids’ distant voices trailed off into the background as they made their way to class.

“How sweet thuh-uh sound…”

God’s music is sweet…if we take the time to listen.  His life, His nature is all around us.  It is a gift…the one gift that has not been taken from the Liberia Mission kids.  And for this, I think they will always know where true peace abides.  Nature is their nurture.

“tha – at saved a-a wretch….like meeee…”  Random staccatos of pots and buckets clank from the kitchen as women clean the breakfast dishes and prepare for lunch.

At Sunday’s mass, a Liberian woman sat in the back row nursing her child – showing no shame.  And surprisingly, neither did I.  If back in the US, I probably would have been a tad embarrassed (I was fresh out of college at the time and quite sheltered).  But, here, it made me smile.  There is a time and place for everything, and this time and place showed me the beauty in the miracle of life as God’s word was blanketed over the congregation.

That afternoon, at the older girls’ weekly meeting, the teenage ladies viewed a slide show of a baby developing inside the womb.  They were amazed to see – some of them for the first time – images of life’s earliest stages.

“We’ve no – o less days to si – ing God’s praaaaise, than when we-ee first be-eegun.  Hmmm, hmmm…”

Mowholo’s voice trailed away, leaving birds and crickets chirping among the last raindrops.

Interested in volunteering at Liberia Mission?!  Don’t miss your mission trip opportunities this Summer 2016!  Our first trip is May 12th-25th, and you can stay as long or as little as you’d like.  Email for more information.  

Go to to learn about how the Mission is doing now!

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