A little taste of Palm Sunday services at Liberia Mission from one volunteer’s perspective.

Palm Sunday at Liberia Mission is a great example of how to prepare The Way for our Lord’s journey from Death into Life this Holy Week.

At 8:30 am, the kids and nearby parishioners, dressed in their Sunday best, assembled on the football field next to the mission’s campus.  The kids quietly bustled around awaiting the service as if they were anxious for a party to begin.

Fr. Tikpor introduced the Gospel reading under a homemade, palm archway before altar servers passed out reeds to the congregation.  Benjamin, also known as Big Brother, directed the party animals into two lines, which followed the Crucifix into the chapel.

The parade of Mission children and parishoners waved their palms overhead as they processed into the chapel singing “Hosanna!” in a rhythmic, native melody.  The drum grew louder and the voices more jubilant as they re-enacted the Jews’ homecoming celebration for the King of Israel.

Echoes bounced off the empty chapel walls and quickly burgeoned into laughter, clapping and stomping, palm waving and – need I mention, singing – as the crowd filed into the church.  Packed in, shoulder-to-shoulder, the congregation shifted its praise toward the Crucifix.

Marching behind the stoic altar servers, the youngest girls performed a synchronized, cultural dance on their way to the outskirts of the altar, where they remained and performed throughout the Eucharistic celebration.

A slower drum signaled the song’s end.  The voices raised high and peaked at a harmony so overwhelmingly genuine, I had to close my eyes.

This is worship.”  Taking a deep breath, I let the resounding hymn fill my senses before quickly opening my eyes – a lame outsider’s attempt to rejoin the party.  My voice quickly rose to meet my family in song.

And what better way to prepare The Way of our Lord’s Passion with such a jubilee – to celebrate his homecoming, His death, His resurrection?

His Way is Life.  And by observing Palm Sunday – with a triumphant, Liberian celebration or a more traditional, solemn mass – we enter into a Holy Week of suffering, death, mourning, and Life.  May we walk with Christ all the way to the cross this week, console him in his most desperate suffering, and be ready to receive Him when He rises to Life.

Contributor: Lindsay Hayes, volunteer at Liberia Mission 2011.

Interested in volunteering at Liberia Mission?!  Contact merrill@franciscanworks.org today!

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