We have an update from the trail! Helen and Bob are four days into their 300 mile journey on the Camino de Santiago and took time to share about their experience so far.

Don’t forget you can join their pilgrimage by buying“miles”  to benefit Liberia Mission !


Bob taking a break to enjoy a refreshing Fanta outside the walls of an old winery near the foot of Mount Montejurra.

Here is an update from Bob about his experience so far:

After four days on the Camino de Santiago we have arrived in Viana, a small town near Logrono. The weather has been good with only one day of steady rain for six hours. We have enjoyed the fellow pilgrims that we have met at the Refugios and on the path; they are “good people”. The countryside is beautifully green… maybe the large amount of rain has something to do with that. The vino tinto is good and cheap too, which is a great combination!

The beautiful old churches in the hillside villages are fantastic. I have enjoyed the evening masses and pilgrim blessings in these 800-1,000 year old historic churches. Walking the pilgrim’s way with Helen is a blessing, adding a special dimension to the already sacred experience. The walking meditation is getting easier as well. Richard Rohr’s meditations are very good.

We should be in pretty good physical shape when we finish the walk on May 4th if our bodies hold up. I am hoping that the spirit shapes up as I associate with the “good people” we encounter on the Camino.

Pad nobiscum,



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