Bob and Helen Smithwick share an update with us about their journey on El Camino de Santiago.

Don’t forget that you can join their journey by buying miles and donating to the children of Liberia Mission today!


We have had several days of rain in the Burgos area and the river is high.

Noah would be pleased but we pilgrims are wet and chilled; what a growing experience.

Meeting all the pilgrims from all over the world is great.We spent several days walking with a man who was giving thanks for his second successful kidney transplant. His was a moving story that we shared over a bottle of Rioja wine.

Walking with Helen has been good.

Walking in memory of my brother Jack has been good.

I am a very lucky man and that becomes very apparent as I walk.

-Bob Smithwick

One thought on “The Rain in Spain

  1. Wow Bob, it’s great that you get to do this walk. I recently viewed the movie The Way. I would love to have this experience, Dale and Judy

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