Bob and Helen Smithwick share an update with us about their journey on El Camino de Santiago.  Don’t forget that you can join their journey by buying miles and donating to the children of Liberia Mission today!

April 20, 2016.  Vida es buena (life is good).  Helen and I have had severalimage2 good days of walking through small mountain villages between Astorga and Ponferrada – a beautifully green part of Spain. We even saw the sun for a few hours today.

After attending a Vespers Mass at the Benedictine monastery in Rabanal del Camino – a quaint village of 50 – we walked to the Iron Cross on the high point on the Camino this morning.

image1Pilgrims have placed stones and other artifacts under the cross for years until the hill surrounding the cross on a pole has grown meters deep and wide.  I was able to place a West African trading bead on the pole in memory of my brother Jack as I told him I would when visiting with him in hospice last November- it felt good.
We felt that we were walking on sacred ground that had been walked on by pilgrims for over one thousand years – another reason to feel good after having walked over 25 kilometers today.

The walking meditation from Richard Rohr and Thich Nhat Hanh is improving slowly every day, the 10-Euro pilgrims’ meal – which includes a bottle of Spanish red wine – also helps to end a long day on a good note.


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