“For everything there is a season.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Queen (2)

Here in Chicago, the staff of Franciscan Works feels the whim of the weather everyday. From teasingly warm sunny days to cold, wet, dark ones, there is as much variety in the climate as potholes in the Chicago streets.

As the days here continually present themselves anew, we consider the new and changing rhythms at Liberia Mission. As we approach graduation, anticipation of summer fills the air with a hint of twinkling joy. The students are finishing their studies as new volunteers head over to join in the work.

Joe O’Driscoll left last month and has already offered much skill and spirit to the goings on. As I write this, our beloved Father Carville is on a plane, carrying with him a gentle and steady spirit which blesses all that meet him. We also have our dear teacher, Kathy O’Dwyer, ready to go over with a new volunteer, Miriam Copenhaver next month. While these are only a few of the many who will be joining the children at the mission, we are excited that they get to participate in the life of Liberia Mission this season!

So as we look forward to summer and the end of another school
year, we are grateful to the students who have put forth consistent effort, to the teachers, administrators and staff without whom Liberia Mission could not exist, and to the volunteers who offer their time and resources to join in the life of the Mission.

Happy Spring Everyone! May we anticipate with hope the coming summer and its unknown adventures.

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