“We are proud of the team’s work and look forward to providing high quality meat at competitive prices while learning the business of agriculture.” 

– Piggery Project’s Team Leaders


Our goal at Liberia Mission is to offer children the education, faith and practical skills necessary to thrive as community leaders. Integral to the education of our students is job skills training like that they receive through our piggery project.

From the foundation to the setting of the ceramic tiles, the piggery itself was constructed entirely by the students. The daily functioning of the piggery is also achieved through student efforts. It requires skilled experience to raise pigs and maintain their health and livelihood, which the students do remarkably well. Liberia Mission also has a butcher shop that meets USDA standards. This offers the students the opportunity to develop their ability to properly clean, package and prepare the meat for community customers. Furthermore, refrigeration at the butcher shop means that meat can be stored and continually ready for retail.

As they distribute the meat to those in Monrovia, the students train their marketing skills and develop social and business acumen. They take the meat personally to their customers, nurturing Liberia Mission’s presence in the community and their own business relationships.

Overall, this program is an excellent way to develop the students understanding of raising pigs, marketing and selling product. It nurtures relationships on and off the mission and prepares the students capacity for business success in the future. We are proud of our piggery!

We invite you to consider supporting to this project. For only 50 cents/ day, the piggery sponsorship is an easy and fun way to join in our work in Liberia!

 Click here to learn more about the piggery project and to donate.



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