1.) They are fantastic teachers. 

Our piggery teaches students animal husbandry skills and marketing skills. These skills are key to finding employment later. In a depressed economy, practical trade skills are key to our students’ future success. Student workers also receive a salary which affords them the opportunity to learn budgeting skills and invest in the local economy.


2.) They increase community engagement.

By selling pork and having community pig roasts, we engage our neighbors in mutually beneficial (and delicious) ways! There is nothing like bacon to bring people together!

website-whole group

3) They build sustainability.

The piggery provides a source of funding for Liberia Mission. We have a butchery that meets USDA standards and offers a profitable business opportunity for the students who prepare and sell the meat. We earn money selling meat to our neighbors, the ex-pat community and local leaders.


Support the good work of the piggery and become a sponsor today!

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