We love working in Liberia despite the deep challenges it presents. Learn more about where we work through these quick facts.

10 Facts About Liberia:

  1. Founding: Liberia means “Land of the Free” and was founded by former slaves from the United States in 1847.

Independence Day.png

2. History: A 14 year civil war destroyed the nation’s infrastructure including health care centers, sanitation and garbage collection, and electrical grids.


3. Literacy: According to the CIA Factbook, only 32.8% of females and 62.4% of males over the age of 15 are literate.

Peace (7).png

4. Ebola: The epidemic affected Liberia from 2014-2015. We quarantined our mission and survived without fatalities. Hear more about our story here.

Franciscan Works

5. Education: 42% of primary school aged children are out of school.


6. Annual Income: According to USAID, the average annual income per household is $752.


7. President: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected in 2005 and is the first elected female head of state in Africa.


8. Food: Rice is the staple meal and often accompanied by a savory sauce. Meat and fish sometimes accompany the rice in small portions.

9. Communication: 79 out of every 100 Liberians owns a cell phone.

10. Sports: Liberians love football! Their national team is nicknamed the Lone Stars. George Weah is the most famous player.



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