December 4-December 10

As we move through Advent, we reflect on what it means to welcome the Christ child. So much mystery surrounds the birth of Jesus that the practical implications for our lives can be difficult to discern. As we contemplate how to prepare for Jesus’s birth at Franciscan Works, we are drawn again and again to Christ’s words in Matthew 18:5:

“And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.”


In a very practical way, Jesus says that we welcome him when we welcome the children in our midst. Pope Francis says, “In each of these “little ones,” Christ himself is present.” May we learn to see Christ in the children in our midst, and through them, may we see why Jesus says there is blessing in being weak and dependent.

Join us as we love our students in Liberia by offering them access to holistic Catholic education. We deeply care for the students who come to our gates and do not want to turn them away. Every student we welcome though, requires more financial support from you, our generous donor.

Please consider making a gift today!



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