40 Pigs in 40 Days.png

40 Pigs in 40 Days

We are excited this year to be connecting our Lenten fasting with giving by encouraging everyone to join our work during this season. A great way to connect with Liberia Mission is by becoming a piggery sponsor. Our piggery provides our students with vocational training, which is a key component in building their future. For just $15/month, anyone can become a piggery sponsor and supply much needed vocational training to our students. To learn more and sign up, please visit our website.

Lenten Updates from Liberia

Last week, during Ash Wednesday, we had a large celebration with over 400 students and community members from Blacktom Town. We are so grateful to have such a vibrant faith community. Below are some pictures from that day:

Ash Wednesday 1 (1)
The Students During Our Ash Wednesday Service
Ash Wednesday 1 (2)
Eliana and Her Friend With Their Cross of Ashes
Ash Wednesday 1
Some of Our St. Anthony Students Gathering After the Service

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