In Our Father’s Footsteps

A Lenten Update from Liberia Mission “My Father is at work until now, so I am at work.” John 5:17 Dear Franciscan Works Supporters and Friends, Jesus’ words lay it out for us this week. Sometimes we have to hunker down and just work. These last two weeks of Lent at the Mission are about that: studying, praying, fasting, … Continue reading In Our Father’s Footsteps

Lent and the 40 Piggies

40 Pigs in 40 Days We are excited this year to be connecting our Lenten fasting with giving by encouraging everyone to join our work during this season. A great way to connect with Liberia Mission is by becoming a piggery sponsor. Our piggery provides our students with vocational training, which is a key component … Continue reading Lent and the 40 Piggies

Advent Week 4: Welcoming Christ’s Love

December 18- December 25 During Jesus’s life, he not only teaches how to love others, but teaches us to love ourselves. Christ’s tenderness welcomes us into a safe place where our deepest fears, vulnerabilities, and anxieties can be healed. We are loved so deeply and irrevocably that nothing in our minds or pasts can separate … Continue reading Advent Week 4: Welcoming Christ’s Love

Year of Mercy Mass: Part I

Enjoy this Liberian adventure from the Director of Liberia Mission, Greg Caudle: Eliana and I attended the closing Mass for the Year of Mercy at the end of November. This was the extraordinary jubilee year that Pope Francis called for in 2015 that ran from last December 8th, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, to … Continue reading Year of Mercy Mass: Part I

Advent Week 3: Jesus Cares for the Weak and Vulnerable

December 11- December 17 Watching Jesus interact with children invites us into a paradigm where weakness, not strength, is celebrated. Jesus advocates for children that adults overlook. He values their opinions and experiences; he lifts them up as a model. In addition to children, Jesus maintains a tenderness and sensitivity to everyone who is vulnerable. … Continue reading Advent Week 3: Jesus Cares for the Weak and Vulnerable

Advent Week 2: How Do We Welcome the Christ Child?

December 4-December 10 As we move through Advent, we reflect on what it means to welcome the Christ child. So much mystery surrounds the birth of Jesus that the practical implications for our lives can be difficult to discern. As we contemplate how to prepare for Jesus’s birth at Franciscan Works, we are drawn again … Continue reading Advent Week 2: How Do We Welcome the Christ Child?


  Join the millions of donors around the world today for #GivingTuesday by giving to Franciscan Works + Liberia Mission. We need your support to continue offering a strong holistic Catholic education to the poorest of the poor in Liberia West Africa. In a country where most families lost loved ones to a fourteen-year civil … Continue reading Join Us for #GIVINGTUESDAY